How to create a advanced dark web layout


This tutorial i will show you how to create an advanced dark layout. You can use this layout for your portfolio, or you can use it in any way you want. In this tutorial i have used one of the best website resources you will find on internet.

Download Resources

I have asked the authors of this awesome pack and they gave me a coupon code: stockgraphics
Use this code when you purchase and you will pay 39 $ for an awesome membership ( please note that you have also free updates for one year )

Download HTML / CSS files

For this website i have used only a few resources from this awesome pack. The possibility are endless.

Please note that to create this layout it took me around 13 minutes because i have the tools on my hand.

I have created a lot of websites until now but none was ready so fast. I have increased my productivity a lot thanks to this huge pack with resources and for great hosting services that i found.

For start open a new document, and fill the background color with a dark gray.

Then with rectangle Tool add a dark shape.

Please use the following layer styles. Please note that this layer styles are from the same pack. You can download here over 16.000 Photoshop Layer Styles
I promise you you will not search layer styles anymore.

Then i will create another shape like in the following image.

Add another layer styles.

Bellow you can see some of the biggest Photoshop Gradients Pack : 25.000 Photoshop Gradients

Then i will create another shape with Pen Tool. Please click on the following image to see how it looks. As you can see this layout will have some nice 3D effects. If you have the proper tools you will create everything very easy

On the top side of the layout i will create a round shape.

Then i will add another great layer style from the same pack: 16.000 Photoshop Layer Styles

On the body of the layout i will create another shape. It doesn’t matter the color.

then go to Edit > Transform > Warp, and use the following settings: Arch Lower -10

Then add another layer style. This layer style looks like pressed layer style, and you can use it several times in this tutorial.

This is how my dark layout looks so far.

I will create another shape with the same color i have used for background, and then i will go to Edit > Transform > Warp, and i will use the settings you will see on the following image.

I will create some buttons. For start you need to create a round shape with Rounded Rectangle Tool, and then you can create also a small triangle with Pen tool.

The next step is to select both layers inside your layer palette, and then press on CTRL+E to merge both layers into a single one. I will add for this button a layer style form the same pack: 16.000 Photoshop Layer Styles

On the top i will add some text with Horizontal Type Tool

On the body of the layout i will add some shape.

Here are the layer style i have used

Over these shape i will add some icons, and some text. You can download this great pack with vector icons here: Download 500 vector icons

I will add some text,a dn as you can see from this image i will add also a few thin lines, and some small circles. I have used the same layer styles

Then will add a call to action button. This will be red and it will be very distinct, and it will attract a lot of views.

Bellow you will find the layer styles used to create this hot red button

On the footer of the layout i will add another text

Here is my final result. This PSD layout took me around 13 minutes from start to finish, Because i had the resources from UltimateDesignerToolkit

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